A message from Semra Tekmen, owner


Our roots as a family-owned restaurant lie firmly in a region known for one of the greatest cuisines in the world. Sophisticated in its combinations, perhaps; but at the heart of Eastern Mediterranean food is the freshness of its ingredients.

We’re honored to bring to Rehoboth Beach recipes handed down from generation to generation in the land that was once the Ottoman Empire. My grandmother was an enterprising landowner and rancher who believed in making everything from scratch. She taught me about the subtle play of flavors and simple cooking techniques that go into making our flavorful food. We opened Semra’s in order to share the very best of our culture.

Our family in Turkey sends us prized ingredients such as crushed pepper, pomegranate juice and dried mint leaves that allow us to ensure authenticity. We’re very down to earth. My sons wait tables when not in school. John, my husband, keeps everything running smoothly. I am present in the kitchen for the preparation of all meals served. We’re not restaurateurs. We’re foodies or, better yet, lovers of homemade and robust foods.

Please take a place at one of our tables at Semra’s and prepare to enjoy a delightful Mediterranean meal made just for you.

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